Real-Time Alerts

Our new real-time account alerts are now available to our Online Banking Customers. 

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Real-Time Alerts

Real-Time Alerts can let you know the moment something important happens in your account.  Messages you choose to receive are sent instantly via email, text*, or Online Banking message center.

With Real-Time Alerts you'll always know exactly what's happening with your money, and you can watch for suspicious activity.  It's a free service for our Online Banking Customers.

NOTICE:  Alerts set up before February 12, 2018 will no longer be active after March 1, 2018.  After Real-Time Alert launches, please select the new alerts you wish to receive. 


Delivered the way you want. 

Messages are sent instantly using any of the delivery channels you choose:

Delivery channels


Real-Time Alerts How to Video:


Setting up your Real-Time Alerts:

Number Icons

You'll now receive a message the moment any of your alerts are triggered.  It's that simple. 

With Real-Time Alerts you'll always know exactly what's happening with your money and you can watch for suspicious activity. 







Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be enrolled for Online Banking to receive Real-Time Alerts?

  • Yes, you set up alerts from Online Banking.

Can I use alerts to help guard against fraud?

  • Absolutely. We recommend that all customers set-up Real-Time Alerts to monitor account activity. When you activate Real-Time Alerts you'll know exactly what's happening with your money, and you can watch for suspicious activity in real time.

Is there a fee to receive alerts?

  • No. This is a free service. However note that text message and data fees may be charged by your service provider to receive text alerts.

How do I sign up for Real-Time Alerts?

  • Simple. After February 12, 2018 just log onto Online Banking and select Alerts. You choose the alerts you wish to receive from the Alert Options tab.

Can I send alerts to more than one person?

  • Yes. When setting up alerts, in the Contact Options tab there is a link to add additional email addresses and text numbers.

How do I activate an email address or phone number to receive alerts?

  • When setting up alerts the Contact Options tab, just click "send activation code". Type the code you receive into the activation box.

Can I choose not to receive alerts in middle of the night?

  • Yes. Each alert you choose has a "do not disturb" option. Any alerts generated during that time period will be held until that period ends.

Can I review past alerts?

  • Yes. Log on to Online Banking and go to the Sent Alerts screen. It displays a list of your alerts with the details. You can mark as read or delete past alerts from here.

How do I delete or modify alerts?

  • From the Alert screen, click the Overview tab to view all your alerts. Click to Edit or Delete any existing alert.

Can I set up alerts from the mobile banking app?

  • No, not at this time.