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You Deserve a Break

| Posted in Bank Blogs

How to plan a vacation from your business.

Running a business is not a 9-to-5 job, five days a week. For many business owners, it's more like a 7-to-7 job, seven days a week. It's why business owners need to take an important step for themselves and their businesses: plan an actual vacation away from work. A vacation can actually be a good business move, too, since research has shown that it can lead to increased productivity.

But how can a business owner with a range of responsibilities take time off, especially during a time of labor shortages? Well, you can start by taking these steps:

  • Plan your vacation during slower times. Does your business experience a period of slowdown? That's the perfect time to schedule your vacation.
  • Arrange backup. When you're used to doing everything, it's hard to imagine asking for help, but having someone cover some of your responsibilities can give you peace of mind and ensure continuity in your business. Maybe it's a trusted, long-term employee who has the skills and experience to handle things in your absence. Or perhaps you have a business partner who can pick up some added responsibilities for a short period.
  • Set limits. A vacation is meant to be time away from work, but with technology, it's easy to never leave it. That's why it's critical to set limits on the contact you have with work. Maybe you could arrange to check your email at the beginning or end of every day or to check in a few times a week. Situations may arise that need your attention, but do your best to unplug.
  • Let your best customers know. As you plan your vacation, make sure to let your best customers know your plans and to arrange to meet with them before and after you leave. Provide them with a contact person for questions or concerns. Some business owners have found that telling their customers about their vacation often results in increased business. That's a win/win.
  • Have fun. The whole point of a vacation is to recharge – to allow yourself to relax, have fun, and focus on what's important to you. If you can do that, you may just return to work with new energy, enthusiasm, and ideas.
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