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Tips & FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

There are many aspects of the banking world and many questions to be answered. Hopefully, some of these tips and answers to some of the FAQs that we have received will help you. 

If you have a question and the answer is not here, please contact us today. We will get it to you.

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General Account

What is the difference between an
"INACTIVE" account and a "DORMANT" account? 


Dormant accounts are customer bank accounts that have had no activity for a consecutive period of 24 months. FDIC requires the bank to obtain a signed form from the customer acknowledging a transaction was performed on the account after becoming dormant, verifying it is actually the customer performing the transaction.

Inactive accounts are customer bank accounts that have had no activity for a consecutive period of 12 months.

NOTE: Once an account goes into the inactive/dormant status, the customer will not receive their monthly statement. 

Making a large purchase with your Debit Card over the weekend?

If you plan on making a large purchase with your Debit card over the weekend please call on Friday to have the card opened for the weekend. Contact us with any questions you may have regarding this. 

Did you know? With a Prime account you get... Checks, Cashier Checks and Money Orders (Minimum balance to open: $100)

Did you know you can order your checks online?

Reordering checks for your business checking or personal checking accounts has never been easier. You’re just a few clicks away from reloading your checkbook. CLICK HERE to reorder your checks. 

What is "Overdraft Protection"?

Protect your checking account from overdrafts by linking your savings account or another checking account to it. Authorizing the bank to transfer funds from one account to another, in the event you overdraw your checking account. Call or stop by your local branch to learn more.

What is the difference between POA and POD?

POA is an abbreviation for Power of Attorney. The Power and authority on an account ends as soon as the owner of the account is deceased. This means the bank can no longer provide a POA with any information on the account, nor can any money be taken out of the account when an owner is deceased. POD is the abbreviation for Payable on Death. A POD designation makes a person the beneficiary on the account. This beneficiary receives ownership of the account upon the original owner's death, but does not have any access to account information or funds during the owner's lifetime.

Did you know we have credit cards?

Yes we do! In fact, we have credit cards available for business and consumers.

Click Here to learn more about consumer credit cards.

Click Here to learn more about business credit cards. 

What is a HSA account?

A HSA or Health Savings Account lets you set aside money on a pre-tax basis to pay for qualified medical expenses, which may include deductibles, copayments and coinsurance. The best part is they are as easy to use as a checking account. Click here to learn more

Did you know? We have easy-to-use online financial calculators? 

Tap into our online financial calculators to plan loan payments, estimate interest earned through savings, how much house you can afford and more! Click here to see available calculators.

Security Tips 

How important is verifying your personal contact information?

VERY IMPORTANT! It is important for the bank to have your current contact information on file. Current contact information includes:

Main Address

Alternate Address (if you have a second residence that you visit for a long duration)

Email (you may opt out of receiving marketing/advertising materials)


Please keep contact information updated.  

Will you be traveling soon and using your debit card? 

If so, remember to contact your local branch. Also, a reminder that transactions completed on Saturday will be processed the next business day.

What do you do if you think your identity has been stolen?

Click here  to learn about how we can help. 

Do you have questions on fraud protection?

We have the answers! Click here for more info.

Business Accounts

Are you tired of endorsing checks?

Contact us about ordering an endorsement stamp for your business.

Did you know there are several different accounts for business banking?

Entrepreneurs, manufacturers, retailers — whatever your industry, a business checking account and a business savings account are essential first steps. Click here to learn more.

Did you know we have online and mobile banking for your business?

Absolutely we do. CLICK HERE to learn more about all the options available. 

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