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5 Ways to Find Your Business and Personal Balance

| Posted in Bank Blogs

There's a fine line between work and play. Well, that is, unless you have your own business. Then, it's like no such line exists. Yes, as those who have had the joy (and sometimes challenge) of having their own businesses know, achieving personal/professional balance can seem like a faraway dream. Luckily, there are some things you can do to change that:

  1. Establish set work hours. With many business owners working from home, this has become increasingly harder to do. But the truth is, it can help greatly. Determine your best hours for work and stick to them, no matter how challenging the temptation may be to answer an email after hours.
  2. Set non-negotiable personal/family time. Though there may be times when events or needs require you to go beyond your set business hours, you should have family or other time when business is completely restricted, such as family dinner.
  3. Get two business phones. Technology makes staying connected easy, which can be a good thing. Unfortunately, it can also be a very bad thing that makes it impossible to avoid work on your days off. One solution may be to have two separate phones for personal and business use.
  4. Outsource. All business owners know that there are many time-consuming business tasks that take you away from personal time. If possible, consider outsourcing those time-consuming functions. For example, if processing payroll takes up your time, consider using a payroll service company.
  5. Delegate. If you have employees working for you, consider offloading some of your tasks to them. They may be looking for opportunities to grow, so it could be mutually beneficial.

The bottom line is that though achieving work/life balance can be challenging, you actually can take care of business – and yourself. Imagine that.

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