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7 Smart Lessons in Back to School Prep

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How to help ease the transition for you and your child.

The start of a new school year can be an exciting and anxiety-provoking time for kids — and parents. Here are seven simple ways you can help ease the transition:

  1. Shop for school supplies, clothing, and lunch snacks. Retail therapy isn’t just for adults. Picking out things kids like will get them excited about going back to school.
  2. Post the school schedule. Make sure your child knows exactly what date school begins, and what their daily routine will be like.
  3. Meet the teacher. One of the biggest worries for children is about whether they will like their new teacher. Be sure to attend an open house or any other opportunity to meet and greet the teacher. Have your child prepare questions to ask the teacher in advance.
  4. Visit the school beforehand. Having your child be familiar with the classroom as well as the bus route may help ease their anxiety.
  5. Connect with classmates. If you have the opportunity, get your child together with friends from school before school starts. Also, when your child starts class, set up play dates with classmates.
  6. Start establishing a daily routine. Tell your child when they will need to go to bed, get up, take baths. and do their homework each day.
  7. Encourage independence. Have your child set his or her own alarm clock and pick out their own clothes each day. They can also make their lunch selections.

With a little practice and advance preparation, you can help put your child in the best position to succeed — at the head of the class.

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