Personal Accounts

A bank wouldn’t be a bank if they didn’t have various accounts for you to safeguard and build your finances. From savings to checking to mortgages to personal loans, at Premier Community Bank, we help you manage your money and your life. See office for details on all accounts.

Checking Accounts

Helpful Features

Go Green

Premier Checking Plus

Premier Prime

Premier Advantage


Mobile Banking

ATM Access


Debit Card



Mobile Deposit

Direct Deposit

*All Deposit Accounts earn a level of interest; contact Premier Community Bank for more details.

Overdraft Protection

Eliminate checking account overdrafts with a Premier Reserve Account (PRA).

  • Your PRA is a pre-approved line of credit that provides real time support of overdrafts, depositing funds as needed.  Interest rates and credit options can be adjusted to meet each customer's unique needs. 
  • Customers with balances in their Premier savings account can connect their savings account as an alternate reserve option, automatically transferring funds to cover overages. 

Online Banking

The convenience of banking is just a click of a mouse or push of a phone keypad away with Premier Community Bank online banking. Make transfers, pay bills, check your transactions, and more! It’s quick. It’s easy. And it’s extremely secure.  

Bill Pay/e-Statements/Apps

Easy. Secure. And convenient. Bank from anywhere with Premier Community Bank online banking. Save on stamps. Save on paper. Save on storage space. All your banking can be done paperless. And you still have complete control.

What is a Premier Debit Card?

Think of your Premier Debit Card as a plastic check. Instead of writing paper checks, you can swipe your card, and it deducts it from your checking account. It’s easy, convenient and offers a higher level of security than a traditional check. Your Premier Debit Card is accepted at millions of locations worldwide; anywhere MasterCard debit cards are accepted.  

Debit Card Support

Lost or Stolen Card?

During normal banking hours, please contact your local Branch office or our Main office at 715-754-2535. After normal banking hours, please call 1-833-212-6752, to begin the process of protecting your account.

After Hours Card Support:


Transaction Disputes:

Available 24/7

Debit Card PIN Self Service Line:

Available 24/7 for PIN resets/changes


ATM Access

Your Premier Debit Card is also your ATM card. That means you have 24-hour access to your checking or savings account. So you can get money any time and anywhere you need it. Just find an ATM machine.

 Premier TeleBanc - Telephone Banking

Through your phone, you are able to receive information on your deposit and loan accounts, transfer funds and make loan payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

To access TeleBanc, Call:  1-877-TELBANC

Savings Accounts

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Savings Health Savings



Mobile Banking