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The Role of the Bank Teller

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Written by: Sheila Mroczynski | Cash Management Team Member

Prior to working in the financial industry, my banking experience was limited. Like most people, I only went to the bank to conduct my personal banking; I was a customer.

Visits to my bank always piqued my interest about what was happening behind the scenes, behind the “teller line”.  Now that I have experienced that role, I can share that a lot happens in the day of a teller, and it is not the same every day.  
According to, the term “teller” is from the Olde English, meaning “to count”.  Okay, that makes sense.

The person behind the counter “counts” the money that is being exchanged.  While customers still call them “tellers”, most financial institutions have moved away from using the term. This might be because a “teller” does much more than count money.  At Premier Community Bank, the people conducting your business on the front lines are called Customer Service Representatives (CSR). A broader title for a broader role.

Premier Community Bank employs 28 CSRs throughout ten branches. Each one works varying hours at their respective branches.  In addition to serving customers by completing transactions, the CSR can do much more. Some perform account maintenance (such as address changes), prepare other account documents, and some are registered notary publics. They take phone calls (which cover a variety of topics from bank hours to online banking problems); balance checkbooks for customers (yes, people still do this); provide information on accounts, products and services offered at Premier. Between customers, you will find them preparing paperwork for mailing, making sure their drawers are in balance, stocking supplies and helping with other projects throughout the bank. 

To stay up to date on the most recent banking rules and regulations, the CSR must complete training every year. They take part in professional development both within and outside of the bank. Many of them take advantage of opportunities for education on various finance related topics, which can help them grow into different roles, if they choose.

Customer Service Representatives are the face of Premier Community Bank.  They are listeners, problem solvers and relationship builders who become friends and confidants to the customers they serve. 

Sheila Mroczynski Assistant Branch Manager Winneconne Email Sheila
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