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Go Green and Save Your Business Money

| Posted in Bank Blogs

Earning the attention and respect of your customers and prospects. Saving money. Making a difference. They are all effective ways to build a successful business – and a stronger bottom line. One way to accomplish all those goals is to go green. Here are some easy ways you can save on energy expenses – and do your part to save the planet:

  • Reduce/eliminate paper. Paper accounts for 25% of all landfill waste. Try to find ways to reduce paper consumption in your company – whether it's by offering electronic billing or sending emails instead of letters. If your business does use paper, make sure it's eco-friendly recyclable paper.
  • Change lightbulbs. While LED lightbulbs can cost more, they last longer than other bulbs and use far less energy.
  • Create a green culture. Educate your employees on the importance of energy conservation and encourage them to submit ideas and suggestions on ways to save at work – and home.
  • Work with local vendors. Having local vendors will allow you to reduce fuel and other costs. Also, consider doing business with other companies that share your vision for a greener planet.
  • Offer telecommuting. Allowing your employees to work from home even some of the time is a great way to conserve energy and give them greater flexibility.
  • Power off appliances and lights. Make it a company requirement for employees to power down their computers and other office equipment at the end of each workday. Also, purchase energy efficient appliances and equipment.
  • Schedule less on-site meetings. While it's always great to meet in person, it does require added fuel and travel time. Consider giving attendees the option to call in from home or connect online.
  • Buy recycled furniture. Need new office furniture? Purchasing secondhand furniture will keep older items out of landfills and reduce the energy required to manufacture and deliver new items.
  • Sell online. Having your products available for purchase online will save your customers trips to your business.
  • Cut out catalogs. Does your business receive catalogs from office supply and other vendors? Ask to be taken off the mailing lists or to receive electronic versions.
  • Offer water filtration. Instead of offering bottled water to your employees, install a water filtration and dispensing system to reduce plastic bottles and employee costs.

Going green in your business will not only help save the company money, but also will help save the planet.

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