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National Anti-Boredom Month

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"I'm bored; there's nothing to do." It's that dreaded phrase that every parent will hear at one point or another during summer vacation. The painful truth is, with the structure of the school day gone, many kids and parents can struggle with how to fill the extra time. In the spirit of National Anti-Boredom Month in July, here are some tips to brighten summer days and turn family boredom into family bonding:

  • Play outside. There's no reason to be bored on a beautiful day when there's so much to do outside. Go for a bike ride, take your dog for a walk down a new path, cover your whole driveway in chalk drawings, or organize a baseball game in the neighborhood.
  • Cool off with water. You don't have to be a kid to love to cool off and enjoy a little fun. The next time you water your grass or garden, take a run through the sprinkler. Or get out your squirt guns and some water balloons and have a good old-fashioned water fight.
  • Invite friends over. If the weather isn't ideal, throw an indoor party. Invite your friends and their kids over to play a fun card or board game or to watch a movie or sporting event. Bake delicious treats.
  • Get crafty. Instead of sitting around all day, put your mind to good use and create something. Consider dragging out your old sewing machine, making necklaces, or baking a new treat. If you like to work with your hands, go in the garage and build something out of wood.
  • Get involved in your community. There's always something going on at your local library or community center. Take in a parade, attend a book signing, or participate in a walk or road race.
  • Get exercise. Summer is the best time for activity. Go swimming, kayaking, or hiking. Or just pack a delicious lunch and go on a picnic in a park. Be sure to bring along a Frisbee.
  • Hit the beach. What better place to celebrate summer and break boredom than the beach? Get an early start to spend the day, or go late in the afternoon to watch the sunset.
  • Volunteer. There's no more rewarding way to spend your time than spending it helping others. See if you can volunteer your time at the local food pantry or spend time with seniors at a nursing home.
  • Visit a museum. There's so much to explore, and this can be a day trip that's fun and educational! Many museums offer free or discounted admission in the summer.
  • Make a movie. Take footage of your favorite activities and summer events and put them together in a movie on your computer. You'll not only find a creative and productive way to spend your time, but also will have great memories of the summer.

The most important activity is to have fun. Summer is only here for just a few weeks; make the most of it.

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