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Resolve to Fulfill Those Resolutions

| Posted in Bank Blogs

They are an end-of-year tradition. We arrive at them when we look back and take stock of our accomplishments and challenges of the past year and look ahead to the coming new year with a sense of hope, renewal, and promise.

They are our New Year's resolutions.

Most of us have no trouble making New Year's resolutions each year. The difficulty comes with actually sticking to them. Here are some of the more common resolutions and some tips to help you follow through with them:

Build savings. Who wouldn't want more money in the bank or in their investment portfolios? If you promised to save more in the past and haven't done so, maybe it's time you took things a step further by saving automatically. It's easy to save when money is automatically taken from your paycheck and deposited to an account that you can't easily access. Try saving automatically; it's so easy you can do it in your sleep.

Exercise more. Joining a gym won't do you any good if you don't actually go to the gym. Consider doing your gym workouts with a bunch of friends. Then you can make getting together and going to the gym a social activity. If you can't afford to join a gym, arrange to start a walking or running club where you meet regularly with others who share your desire for healthier living. If you're set on joining a gym, but can't afford the expense, check with your healthcare provider to see if they will pay for gym memberships.

Eat better. A healthy diet is key to good physical and mental health. Whether you're thinking about dieting to lose those extra holiday pounds or just to be healthier, you're making a wise decision. Invite your family members to join you in eating healthier. It's easy to stock your pantry with healthy foods when your entire household makes a commitment to healthy eating.

Get a new job. Need a career or job change? The start of the year is a great time for change and for employment opportunities. One great way to find a job is to use social networking, such as LinkedIn to utilize job contacts. Also, consider enlisting the help of a recruiter to assist you with your job search.

Volunteer. Anyone who has given their time to help make a difference can tell you that there is no greater sense of fulfillment than when you are helping others. There are plenty of great ways to give back your time, such as volunteering at a nursing home or serving at a soup kitchen during the holidays. You may even want to invite your family members to join you so that you can experience the joys of giving back together.

So what are you waiting for? Resolve to follow through on your resolutions today. You can do it!

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