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'Tis the Season for Wrapping

| Posted in Bank Blogs

The holiday season isn't just the season of giving; it's the season for wrapping. If done well, gift-wrapping can show your friends and loved ones how much you care for them. And, beautifully wrapped presents can add flair to your home holiday decorating.

So how can you master the art of gift-wrapping? Especially if you're not what one would call ... crafty? The good news is that with a little practice and a few pointers, you, too, can transform your thoughtful gifts into beautiful packages.

Here are some tips for successful wrapping:

  • Get creative for oddly shaped gifts. Instead of wrapping oddly shaped gifts as they are, use household items to package them. For example, paper towel rolls and coffee cans make great storage tubes for gifts that are harder to wrap, such as socks or scarves. It will also make it harder for snooping family members to guess what's inside.
  • Create your own wrapping paper. Think you have to buy expensive gift-wrap to make your gifts pop? Think again. You can create your own wrapping paper with everyday household items, such as newspapers or magazines. You can even use the inside of a potato chip bag to create silver packages.
  • Differentiate and personalize gifts. If you have a larger roll of wrapping paper, differentiate your gifts using different colored ribbons. Try to personalize ribbons in the favorite color of each recipient.
  • Hide the price. The finest, and most beautifully wrapped gift can become instantly tacky if you leave the price tag on your gift. If you don't want to remove the price tag, be sure to black out the price with a dark, permanent marker.
  • Always wrap gifts on a flat, hard surface. It may be more comfortable to wrap presents from your coach or on a cushy carpet, but the texture will make the paper more difficult to maneuver. Always wrap presents on a flat hard surface, such as a table or desk.
  • Get the right tools. If you want your wrapping to look professional, get professional tools, such as a rotary slicer to ensure the wrapping paper is evenly cut. Double-sided tape will also give your presents a more professional look.
  • Place gifts upside down. This will ensure that the front of the gift will face the recipient when they open it.
  • Wrap presents early. One sure way to ensure better quality is to control your gift-wrapping production. Instead of waiting until the last minute and wrapping multiple presents at once, wrap a few gifts at a time.
  • Store all your gift-wrapping supplies in one place. Be sure to include paper, tape, tools, tags, ribbons, markers, and other supplies that you use. Having your wrapping supplies in one place will save you valuable time and make it easy for you to move your supplies from location to location to avoid the curious eyes of younger family members.

And there you have your tips. It's a wrap!

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