Manage My Cards


Freeze lost debit cards and control spending.

Premier Community Bank gives you the power to control your debit cards right from our Mobile Banking app.  You can freeze your Premier debit card and manage your card spending all from your smartphone. Set alerts to inform you when your Premier debit card is being used and where the spending took place.

Learn more by watching our Manage Cards Demo.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Manage My Cards" feature?

It is a feature inside of the Premier Community Bank Mobile Banking app (green icon) allowing customers to control their Premier Community Bank debit cards.

What features are available for customers to control?

It allows customers to have control over the following items as it applies to their debit cards.

  • Turn their cards on and off – This feature will allow cardholders to turn their debit cards on and off. Ideal if you misplace your card(s) and would like to prevent the card from being used. Cardholders can then turn the debit card back on once the card is located.
  • Set Limits to Purchases – Within the feature, cardholders can set purchase limits for each Premier debit card. Customers can set any limit they would like to try to control purchases by other members of the account. i.e. student accounts can be set up with lower limits to try to control spending.

    Please Note: Limits on debit cards cannot be set higher than what Premier Community Bank already has set. i.e. $1500 for purchases and $500 in ATM per day.
  • Set allowed transaction parameters - This will allow cardholders to set allowed locations. Customers can set radius limits to allowed locations and set limits to the types of transactions. i.e. Gas Stations.

    Please Note: The limits that the customers set will not override the current settings set my Premier Community Bank.

    Reminder: Premier Community Bank blocks all international transactions automatically for customers. To allow International transactions, contact Premier's Customer Care team.