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Online Banking Multi-layer Security

Our Premier Online Banking uses multiple layers of security features, in different parts of the connection, to keep your data safe and secure.  Premier Community Bank has taken appropriate measures to ensure that our website and online banking product is secure, and that our customers' account information remains private.   

Our desktop Online Banking for Personal/Small Business users utilizes additional security during the login process called Layered Authentication.  This added security feature is designed to identify you and prevent unauthorized access to your information.  When our systems cannot recognize your desktop device or detects suspicious activity,  you may be asked to further verify your identity with a one time passcode.  

Starting Wednesday, December 11th:
All desktop Online Banking Personal/Small Business users will be required to set up a phone number where you would like your one time passcode to be delivered.  Once you receive the code, you will be asked to enter the one time passcode to complete your Online Banking login. 

To learn more about this process, watch the below demo video.  

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